The Megadeals Book

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How do megadeals happen, and what does it take to make one?

In the B2B world, the people who bring the largest deals to the table sometimes have annual compensation packages exceeding 1 MUSD. They are heroes with tremendous formal or informal power. That’s because, in many of the biggest B2B organizations, more than 80% of the total revenue comes from less than 1% of the customer base – often fewer than 100 customers.

When you break down these numbers, you see that a few megadeals make up a large proportion of the 80%. In other words, the success of the largest companies today depends on their ability to master and win megadeals. Yet even within the Fortune 500, few have possessed the knowledge of how a megadeal is made. Until now.

Combining their collective insights from years of marketing and sales experience with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, authors Åberg and Engman proposed a set of hypotheses then vetted them in 60+ interviews with megadealers to create this step-by-step guide. It is the first book ever written about megadeals.

In it they reveal the five cornerstones of a successful megadeal and explore the complexities surrounding them. They also provide a unique, cutting-edge approach to complex selling that blends account-based marketing and sales with enterprise social selling in a way that will transform your sales and marketing team.

For megadealers and aspiring megadealers, as well as senior management and marketing departments, Megadeals is a powerful formula for you to realize long-term success and change the world on a massive scale.