why megadeals advisory

Megadeals represents your biggest revenue opportunities. Often a handful of your clients generates over 80% of your revenue. Signing and retaining these deals boosts top-line growth. If you are a scaling business a handful of megadeals can transform your business.

The challenge you often face is that there are only a few in your organisation that can orchestrate these big revenue deals. They often lack the bandwidth to be involved in multiple deals. This results in either big revenue deals that are left unaddressed or you are forced to send less qualified teams to orchestrate these deals which increases the risk of loosing the deal.

Megadeals discipline increases your chances of winning big revenue deals with less investment. This will be even more important given the current challenging economic landscape. Companies will downsize teams and cut investments whilst still under pressure to grow top-line revenue.

What options do you have to adress:

  • You can do it yourself with current resources - In our research, we observed that often only a few know how to orchestrate Megadeals and they lack the bandwidth to be involved in multiple deals. They can often not put into words what they do to upskill others in the organization.

  • Recruit megadealers - They are a scarce resource and often very expensive. We also observe that there are very few professionals that can combine sales and marketing into a Megadeals Orchestration discipline. We also observe that there are few marketing professionals that master B2B marketing as a discipline in deal orchestration.

  • Buy components of Deal Orchestration and put it together yourself - You can also recruit for and buy components of the deal orchestration like for example sales skills coaching, messaging and content creation, which content distribution techniques to use (eg IP-Targeting, Enterprise Social Selling, etc) and then put it all together yourself in an orchestration discipline. We see many companies struggle with putting together the components into a deal orchestration discipline.

  • Buy & Adopt - If you are struggling with options 1-3 your fourth option is to buy ”deal orchestration” as a service or buy deal orchestration and adopt it into your organization. This is the category of solution Megadeals Advisory represents.

What do we help you with

We up skill your sales and marketing teams in the Megadeals discipline. Integrating your sales & marketing around the Megadeals 5 corner stones to develop your teams deal orchestration skills. The discipline is based on +10 years of research of how high performing Megadealers orchestrate large complex B2B deals. The Megadeals Advisory team has 25+ years each of orchestrating the sales & marketing of megadeals.

  • Increase the likelihood of winning Megadeals
  • Win bigger deals with less investment and smaller teams
  • Decrease sales velocity (sign deals quicker)
  • Unique in integrating sales & marketing in deal orchestration
  • Researched based discipline
  • 25+ years of experience in deal orchestration at fortune 500 companies
  • Hit the ground running by mobilizing deal orchestration quickly
  • Upskill and drive Megadeals adoption with your deal teams

Christopher big stage



CMO, CRO and lead investor in Proof Analytics, the World leader in answering how sales and marketing budgets should be balanced to maximize revenue, cash flow and profit. Winner of the award Prosales Commercial Director of the Year 2018 after leading Climeon (Nasdaq Clime, power plant vendor, green electricity) from 3 MUSD to 90 MUSD in order intake over two years. Investor in 13 companies that do fewer but larger deals. Co-author of the Megadeals book with Johan Åberg. Founder of Vendemore, the first company in the world doing Account Based Marketing with +100 Fortune 500 companies as clients. Christopher is also founder of Megadeals Advisory .



Co-founder & Managing Partner

Former Head of sales at American Express for the Nordics and latest the Market Head at MoneyGram International Nordics and Baltics.Bora has been privileged to work for some of the elite companies in sales and leadership with many years of experience in leading sales organisations across multiple markets. Built and lead most sales channels whilst managing the optimisation between them to deliver the best results. Built and led American Express sales training curriculum for several years in entire EMEA. Vast experience in talent recruitment, development and motivation. Developed sales and winning team culture around trust, motivation and fun built on the principles of a disciplined world class sales structure. This is the environment were high achievers thrive, develop and come to work feeling engaged and fulfilled to deliver over an beyond. Bora is also Co-founder and managing partner of Megadeals Advisory.



Co-founder & Managing Partner

David is the former Market Head of American Express Nordics for Global Merchant Services. Solid leadership and sales background. has built and led large and successful teams primarily with focus on sales, innovation and change management. Signed multiple Megadeals worth more than 2 billion USD with Global and Multinational Companies (such as IKEA, H&M). Numerous awards in sales, leadership and innovation such as for example "The president Award" (top 2% seller at AMEX), "The most innovative team and market", "Highest employee scores" etc. Nominated as the leader of the year (årets ledare) in Sweden 2017. Former Police Inspector and lawyer in the Swedish Police Force. Among other educations David holds a Master of Law. David is also Co-founders and managing partner of Megadeals Advisory.