The five cornerstones

Often a handful of your clients generates over 80% of your revenue. Signing and retaining these deals boosts top-line growth. If you are a scaling business, a handful of megadeals can transform your business by doubling or tripling your revenue. The challenge you often face is that there are only a few in your organisation that can orchestrate these big revenue deals. If you are one of them you often lack the bandwidth to be involved in multiple deals. This results in either big revenue deals that are left unaddressed or you are forced to send less qualified teams to orchestrate big deals which increases the risk of losing the deal.

In this 3-hour workshop we share the secret formula of how the high performing megadealers orchestrate large complex deals with less investment.

  • Disqualifying early and hard saves you time, money and resources on lost deals.

  • In Megadeals your value gets you through the door, risk mitigation closes the deal. We show the importance of risk mitigation in the orchestration process.

  • Every Megadealer we intervjued said that if you don't have trojan horses, you lose the deal. What are they and how do you get them.