Content distribution
- Scaling your sales & marketing

In small to medium B2B deals there is often 3-10 stakeholders. Driving a traditional sales process with a good dialog technique (given you have a good business case etc) can win you the deal. In a more complex B2B deal, the stakeholders influencing the deal are significantly more and often dispersed geographically. We also see parties outside the buyers' organization impacting the deal like suppliers, consultants and politicians to name a few. Together this forms an ecosystem. In Megadeals, the better you understand the ecosystem and influence it the greater your chances of winning the deal. The trick is to drive consensus in this ecosystem to sway decisions your way, similar to a political campaign where you are winning votes.

Two common mistakes we see is that the risk of losing the deal is dependant on to few stakeholders and too reliant on physical meetings. The best megadealers compliment meetings with using multiple digital touchpoints to influence the ecosystem. Techniques like enterprise social selling and IP-targeted ads to name a few to disturb their messaging and powerful content frequently targeting the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

In this 3-hour session we share how to distribute your content targeting your stakeholders through multiple touchpoints.

  • Scales your sales & marketing so you messaging and content reaches your stakeholders frequently to be top of mind.

  • How to use digital touchpoints like enterprise social selling and IP-targeted ads to name a few.

  • Developing a ”multi-front approach”.