messaging architechture
& content creation

We see all too often that companies communicate the benefits and features of products. If all your compeditors do the same, you will end up differentiating on price which drives down margins. It's also not inspiring and seldom adds perceived value to your target group. The best sales & marketing professionals develop messaging that drives thought leadership which educates, challenges and entertains their target audience. Turns this into powerful content in the form of posts, videos and articles to name a few. They pushes the content out frequently through both meetings and digital touchpoints. When done properly it scales your sales & marketing which engages your target audience to create a pull towards your services (vs having to chase). Done properly, it completely transforms your sales & marketing.

In this 3-hour workshop we share how to create messaging that drives thought leadership and turning that into powerful content. We call it the Messaging Architecture.

  • Fundamental messaging - this content gets you to “Yes I want to work with you”. This is the heart and soul of your content.

  • Deal Closing messaging - closes deals and helps build trust around what happens after we sign.

  • Orientational messaging draws and engages a broader audience that normally wont take notice.