What you take away from the workshop

  • Disqualify deals to focus on the ones that are more likely to close.

  • Tools to map out the stakeholders inside and outside the buyers' organization that influence the deal.

  • Drive consensus in the complex customer ecosystem by scaling your sales & marketing to sway decisions your way.

  • How to extract key information you don't get the traditional channels to know if you are winning or losing the deal.

  • Mitigating customer risk early - In megadeals the value and upside you deliver gets you in the door, risk mitigation will get you the deal

You will learn a transformative approach to sales and marketing that will transform how you operate within complex B2B deals. Having deep interviews with over 60 high performing megadealers across the world we are first in the world to bring a discipline on how to orchestrate large complex B2B sales and marketing. An all inspiring workshop where you apply what we teach on your real-life customer cases.

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Upcoming workshop

25-26 November

Grand Hotel