Megadeals workshop

A transformative approach for sales and marketing that will change how you orchestrate large complex B2B deals.

Become world-class at winning megadeals

Megadeals represent your biggest revenue opportunities. Often a handful of your clients generate over 80% of your revenue. If you are a scaling business, a closed Megadeal can transform your business completely. The challenge you often face is that there are only a few in your organization that can orchestrate these big revenue deals.

Our workshops
The Megadeals workshop is designed to drive adoption of the Megadeals discipline by applying what we teach on a specific deal, industry or vertical with hands-on coaching and iteration. By adopting the Megadeals discipline in your team and company you will increase your chances of winning big revenue deals with less investment.

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Common challenges

Bandwidth issues

Companies lack the bandwidth to manage multiple large deals at the same time. Usually, the CEO and one more team member need to be involved in all the bigger deals which creates a bottleneck for boosting exponential growth.

Too dependent on physical touchpoints

Some of today's salespeople are too reliant on physical meetings, prints, calls, and emails. To influence an ecosystem of multiple stakeholders inside and outside your targeted customer, there is a need to become more “media-oriented”. To influence stakeholders and become top of mind an implementation of PR, social selling, IP targeting & retargeting and other distribution tactics is of high value.

Too product and feature oriented

Some sales and marketing professionals communicate too much around their product’s benefits and features. The key is to engage your stakeholder by driving thought leadership that challenges, educates, develops and entertains rather than talking too much about products, benefits, and features.

Unable to scale

Spending too much time on tedious and redundant tasks, for example describing value proposition, implementation, and handling similar objections again and again. This results in only being able to manage two or three deals at the same time.

Some of the companies that have conducted our workshop

What does the workshop contain?

The program is built on 4 key pillars:
  • Real-life stories from 25+ years of our own experiences in orchestrating Megadeals from both wins and failures and stories from our global Megadeals research.
  • The Megadeals theory and discipline.
  • Pragmatic exercises on your current clients.
  • Most important for adoption, on-the-job application. After each session, you will apply what we teach in the session in your day-to-day work with your clients. This is where the learning is maximized and adoption is created.

What are your takeaways from the workshop?

During our 2-day workshop, we will give you the success formula on how to orchestrate complex B2B deals. Based on years of research on over 100 fortune 500 companies and deep-dive interviews with over 60 high performing Megadealers, you will be drilled in the discipline, the methods, and tools that these Megadealers use when orchestrating deals. You will learn a transformative approach to sales and marketing that will change how you orchestrate large complex B2B deals.

You will learn how to:
  • Disqualify deals to focus on the ones that are more likely to close.
  • Map out the stakeholders inside and outside the buyers’ organization that influence the deal.
  • Drive consensus in the complex customer ecosystem by scaling your sales & marketing to sway decisions your way.
  • Extract key information you don’t get the traditional channels to know if you are winning or losing the deal.
  • Mitigate customer risk early - In Megadeals the value and differentiation you deliver get you through the door, risk mitigation will win the deal.

Do you want to know more about the workshop?

Download our PDF that describes the workshop in more detail.

Trusted by leaders

“Before implementing the Megadeals discipline, we had a typical scaleup challenge where we were too dependent on one single rainmaker to sign all the deals. We were thinking about how we could better scale, and I think the Megadeals framework allowed us to show that everyone can scale our sales operation in a better way.”

Christoffer Pettersson, Head of Growth, Minna Technologies

“This Megadeals Program has really been to pinpoint the differences between the large complex b2b sales and the megadeals.”

Martin von Arnold, Global Key Account Manager, American Express

“Succeeding with a Megadeal is so wide. It’s been so good to understand that it’s so many parts and so many people you need to influence and I’m glad to be a student again.”

Jonathan Ljungqvist, Operative Manager, David JP Philips

“The Megadeals course takes a step back and looks at sales more holistically - how can an organization cooperate and be more aligned to reach better results.”

Robin Chatterjee, VP Business Development, EnginZyme AB