Live online workshop

In the current environment social distancing has become a new norm. Over a night we have limited travel and meetings into a camera. The current challenging economic landscape has forced many companies to downsize and cut investments whilst still under pressure to grow. We will be pushed to innovate, think differently and change how we operate.

Are you a B2B company thinking about how to grow your business in this challenging environment with smaller teams and less resources? Here is an option to consider.

Winning bigger revenue deals with less investment. Megadeals represent the largest chunk of your revenue in a B2B business. It’s also highly complex to orchestrate. The margins for error are small, it's a high reward high-risk game. We see only a handful of sales & marketing professionals able to orchestrate these deals. When we deep interviewed over 60 of these high performing Megadealers across globe they all had similar ways of operating that set them apart from the rest. We call it the five cornerstones.

Applying these five cornerstones will:

  • Increase your chances of winning bigger revenue deals with smaller teams and less investment.

  • Create a bigger impact in the customers ecosystem to influence decisions your way by using a combination of meetings and digital touchpoints. The later more than ever relevant now.

The five

In this 3 hour workshop we share the secret formula of how the high performing megadealeras orchestrate large complex deals with less investment.

Messaging Architecture
& content creation

In this 3 hour workshop we share how to
create messaging that drives thought leadership and turning that into powerful content.

content distribution
- Scaling your sales & marketing

In this 3 hour session we share how to distribute your content targeting
your stakeholders through multiple touch points.

Full package
- all three workshop

The live online workshop package includes all
three workshops, The five cornerstones, Messaging architecture and Content distribution.